Tips For Protecting Your Kia In The Summer

Tips For Protecting Your Kia In The Summer

Kia owners shouldn’t overlook the summer car care essentials at all costs. The rising heat levels, the scorching sun, and various other road conditions can wreak havoc on your car by damaging its structure. You don’t have to go through the trouble because here are some really useful summer car care tips that will ensure your Kia remains in its prime condition for many years to come.

1. Cover it up
It’s alright to not have a garage, but that does not mean you leave your Kia to get fried in the heat. You must consider buying a waterproof car cover to protect your car and keep it clean always. Even if you keep your Kia indoors, it’s a good idea to invest in a car cover to ward off debris and dust. Most stores selling auto parts will have them at an affordable price.

2. Check under the hood
One very important summer car care tip is to check what’s happening under the hood of your Kia. It’s extremely important for you to check your Kia’s battery, as rising temperatures can damage it. At the same time, you must inspect the hoses and belts in order to identify raptures or frays that could lead to a major malfunction. Checking the following six fluids is a must for every Kia owner: • Oil • Windshield washer fluid • Coolant • Brake fluid • Transmission fluid • Power steering fluid

By ensuring that these fluids are filled at the appropriate level, it becomes easier to eliminate any issues that mostly occur when you maintain these fluids below the normal requirement.

3. Attend to your tires The soaring temperatures can impose excessive stress on your Kia’s tires, causing an increase in tire pressure and over-inflation. This can dramatically increase the chances of poor road traction and blowouts. Therefore, you must check your tire pressure once a week with a tire gauge. Do consult the Kia’s owner’s manual for further assistance. Your Kia is your precious possession. Don’t let the unforgiving summer heat prey on it. Follow these summer car care tips to keep your Kia protected always.

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